part 5 maybe?

this was my final for my world history course, i made a scale embroidery of copernicus’s heliocentric solar system. i had help from blacksmokeandbrightlight with some very complicated math involving relative sizes and distances using a lot of weird units of measurement.

the background is a plain black cotton with a tiny bit of sparkle to it. the sun is a hand-painted cotton fabric, which has been attached to the background and machine embroidered. mercury, venus, earth, and mars are the four tiny hand-embroidered dots in the second and third pictures. i took a bit of artistic liberty with the solar flares. jupiter, saturn, uranus, and neptune are made with a combination hand and machine embroidery technique and appliqued on. the finished work is about nine feet long and six inches wide.

part i-dont-remember-what-number-im-on!

this is the dress i wore to the fashion show my work was in at my school, the green part is made of scrap from my cargo pants and the white skirt is a twenty-four part three layer skirt made from material salvaged from a failed experiment. the waistband is selvage from when i dyed the green fabric. i thought it was too beautiful to throw away. the buttons are mother of pearl.

part 4!

these pants are my pride and joy. I spent an insane amount of time on them, and it was definitely worth it. with a total of 35 pockets, 20 buttons, and 10 zippers, it was an incredible technical challenge. Starting from the fabric: i bought three yards of church-print quasi-upholstery fabric, complete with crosses, at a discount resale store, because the back of it was a nice beige that could be easily dyed. i found this particularly hilarious, as i am an atheist, making science out of church-print fabric. I spent a whole day dyeing it olive green and setting the dyes, then made at least 20 slopers to get the fit perfect. Then i chose all my buttons and zippers, then made the lace featured on a lot of the pockets. finally, i spent about two weeks making the pants and pockets separately, then another two weeks attaching the pockets.

these pants are loosely based on a rare meteorite called pallasite, which is composed of large green crystals of olivine cemented together by iron and nickel. I was inspired by the beautiful geometric crystal structures, and translated that into pockets.

I am immensely proud of these pants, and i learned a huge amount from the process.

part 3! 

this was my final for my intro to apparel class, it’s a dress based on the eagle nebula. I printed out a few copies of the bottom picture of the nebula, which is color coded by composition, and traced the major shapes and transferred them onto newsprint, which i then cut out and traced onto a translucent iridescent nylon knit. Then i used the original picture as a reference for hand-painting dyes onto the traced components, cut them out, assembled them, and added the mesh to match my model’s skin tone. This was a very stressful project, fueled by 120oz of coffee and a nosediving friendship.

part 2 of Daily Posts Until I Run Out Of Stuff To Say

as an apology for having too much personal shit to deal with to post for the last six months, im going to post one thing a day at about 6:30 PM eastern US time for a while!

this sweater is from my collection for my Majors class, i hand-knitted it all, and didnt have any pattern more elaborate than a gauge swatch. it has a wide boat neck, and is pretty much one continuous piece of yarn, or more accurately, about 30 kinds of yarn carried around in a blue five-gallon bucket for about three months. i used a total of 14 double-pointed knitting needles i made from dowels, i only have seven now because i gave seven to a person who now hates my guts for reasons she refuses to explain, which is part of the reason i havent posted. 

this sweater is based on greenschist, which is a type of rock that starts out as a sedimentary rock deposited over time as tiny grains of sand and mud, which i feel relates to the hand-knitting process very well. the change of the rock from shale to greenschist is a thing i feel corresponds to the transition of the sweater from a piece of work in progress to a finished recognizable garment. it is knit horizontally in bands that fold around the form of the body, as the greenschist forms in bands that wrinkle in on themselves.

so i’ve been gone for a while, sorry guys

I had life stuff to deal with, and was sad about the thing that got stolen, and i had ridiculous high-school worthy drama to deal with from a certain human, and i moved twice, plus got a full-time job and an apartment and plants and also a boyfriend, so yeah O_O

this particular piece is from a school assignment where we had to make a garment using only or mostly circles, made of a mystery fabric chosen by the instructor and distributed randomly. believe me, i got so fucking lucky. we also had to research the fabric, as in time period, fiber content, and applications, so i found out my orange floral monstrosity was 60s-esque. I looked up important scientific discoveries in the 60s, and found pulsars, which have a wonderful magnetic field! i took the circular pattern of the magnetic field and incorporated it into the tucks on this coat-dress.



a thing i did for Carlin! Carlin is the most wonderful person, you should all totes follow them! 
im so happy they like it so much!!!!




a thing i did for Carlin! Carlin is the most wonderful person, you should all totes follow them! 

im so happy they like it so much!!!!

thowra said: Hi--another Portland resident here! have you thought about asking the consignment stores in the area to keep an eye out for it? i know there's at least three, the one across the street from MECA, another called Little Ghost, and the one down the block from MECA. I really hope you find your project! :(

Thank you so much for suggesting that, I’ll definitely do that! :3

Anonymous said: I'm sorry your art got stolen :( I hope you get it back. Ps your URL is awesome!

thanks! :3 everybody on tumblr has been fantastic today :3

Anonymous said: I'm so sorry about the theft! I hope you'll find it soon!!

Thank you!!!! why is everyone so nice about this? It’s amazing!