thowra said: Hi--another Portland resident here! have you thought about asking the consignment stores in the area to keep an eye out for it? i know there's at least three, the one across the street from MECA, another called Little Ghost, and the one down the block from MECA. I really hope you find your project! :(

Thank you so much for suggesting that, I’ll definitely do that! :3

Anonymous said: I'm sorry your art got stolen :( I hope you get it back. Ps your URL is awesome!

thanks! :3 everybody on tumblr has been fantastic today :3

Anonymous said: I'm so sorry about the theft! I hope you'll find it soon!!

Thank you!!!! why is everyone so nice about this? It’s amazing!

Anonymous said: I hope you find it soon... That must really suck (´・ω・`)

it really sucks, but i didnt expect to get so much attention online :3

Anonymous said: Where do you go to school?

Maine College of Art, I’m a sophomore in the Textile and Fashion department. It’s really fantastic, and i would absolutely reccommend the program to anyone


Hey, tumblr! yesterday, March 26, a piece of my art was stolen off the wall where it was in a show in Portland Maine. I spent a lot of time and effort on this, and i might even have gotten a scholarship from the installation it was in, but some douchebag walked off with it!

please, if tumblr can get people a fluffy chicken or a plane ticket, can you help me find my art? Even if you can reblog this, just in case someone sees it. If you have any information, PLEASE send me an ask.

im sorry, its been a long time since i’ve posted here, but this time i have an excuse: I have three ridiculous classes and i majored a semester early! 

this is a scarf based on silver veining made with dissolvable fabric and layers of thread

constellation prints for my textiles print class

the repeat worked out pretty nicely, and i’m very pleased with how the space probes turned out!

Nature Lab project: rock embrioderies!

approximately 12x18 inch dyed and printed cotton with layers of machine embroideries

So Jes and I are Carlos and Cecil for Halloween… Not entirely sure how that happened…

My lovely scientist friend is mynameisnotjambalaya. She made the fantastic press pass

fucking amazing sharpie sleeve tattoos by artistintheshrubs

pants borrowed from cuteraptor

I made my vest and microphone